Publications on Bees

National Bee UnitProtecting the Honey Bee    download the NBU Brochure.
Healthy Bees Plan - Beekeeping Essentials leaflet here
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Best Practice Guidelines courtesy of The Food and Environment Research Agency (Fera).  


  • Managing Varroa (pdf - last updated Feb 2011)
  • Small Hive Beetle (pdf - last updated Feb 2011)
  • Foul brood Disease of Honey Bees (pdf - last updated May 2009)
  • Tropilaelaps: Parasitic Mites of Honey Bees (pdf - last updated Feb 2005)
  • The National Bee Unit (pdf - last updated May 2009)

Fact Sheets:

  • Second-hand Equipment (pdf)
  • Containing Disease (pdf)
  • Replacing Comb (pdf)
  • Apiary Hygiene and Quarantine (pdf)
  • Pyrethroid Resistance (pdf)
  • Beltsville Test (pdf)
  • Fumigating Comb (pdf) Updated Dec 2010
  • Small Hive Beetle Control (pdf)
  • Open Mesh Floors (pdf)
  • Estimating Varroa Populations (pdf)
  • Celle Rotation (pdf)
  • Drone Brood Removal (pdf)
  • Artificial Swarm (pdf)
  • Shook Swarm (pdf)
  • Queen Trapping (pdf)
  • Swarm Control (when you can't see the Queen) (pdf)
  • Wax Moth (pdf)
  • PDB and Napthalene (pdf)
  • Integrated Pest Management and Acarine (pdf)
  • Disease Liaison Co-Ordinators (pdf)
  • Varroa Control: Using Organic Acids (pdf)
  • Care of Colonies after Shook Swarm (pdf)
  • OTC Treatments (pdf)
  • EFB Control (pdf)
  • Integrated Pest Management for Varroa Control (pdf)
  • Simple Integrated Pest Management for Varroa Control (pdf)
  • Disinfection (pdfUpdated February 2011
  • Plastic Hives (pdfUpdated February 2011
  • Wasps (pdf) Updated October 2010
  • Value of Pollination (pdf)
  • Bumblebees (pdf)
  • Helping Bees (pdf)
  • Bee Medicaments (pdfupdated November 2011
  • Preparing honey bee colonies for winter (pdf) Updated August 2010
  • Asian Hornet Trap (pdfupdated January 2012
  • Hive Cleaning and Sterilisation (pdf - last updated Oct 2010)