Club Apiary

Melksham Beekeepers Club Apiary

Training sessions are organised during the summer months.
Adult and child beesuits are provided free of charge, please bring your own rubber gloves and wellies.

Open Apiary Meetings:

Every Saturday morning starting 11am at our Branch Apiary, Rowdefield Farm, Conscience Lane, Rowde.

If the weather is poor, the event will be cancelled, please contact Liz direct on: 01380 816564 or email

A note from Liz, our apiary manager, on topics to be covered this season:

General husbandry....standard inspection techniques, which equipment is needed, manipulation,predicting what is going to happen etc.
Queen rearing.
Swarm control methods.
Comb change techniques.
Production and processing of honey.
Production of comb honey.
Nucleus production.
Varroa control, both natural and chemical.
Construction of flat pack hives.
Correct frame construction.
Creation of bait hives.
Bee health and disease recognition.
Feeding bees for the winter.
Other things will crop up I am sure.